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T&D Field Technician

Job ID: BH313466

Category: Technician

Industry: Power Delivery / Transmission & Distribution

Job Description:

  • Our client has multiple opportunities in our Transmission and Distribution (T&D) division for technical Integration Services field staff for Networks, Integration & Automation (NIA) projects throughout the nation.
  • Candidates applying to this position should be highly self-motivated and ready to work in a fast paced, team environment.
  • The ability to think outside the box and use critical thinking and problem-solving skills is essential.
  • The ideal candidate should demonstrate working knowledge and experience with some or all of the following technical areas and be willing to learn and conform to best practices for design, implementation, and field operations for the integration of sites and systems.
  • The position is responsible for providing installation oversight, hands-on make-ready, field engineering support, commissioning, and start-up solutions for mission-critical field devices in these areas, often in hazardous environments:
  • Networks:
    • Routers, switches, radios, multiplexers, nodes, fiber/copper cables, antenna/feedline, etc. using industry protocols (TCP/IP, MPLS, SONET, SNMP, LTE, RF protocols, etc.)
  • Automation:
    • SCADA RTUs, data concentrators, meters, DFRs, HMIs, etc. using industry protocols (Modbus, DNP, IEC 61850, SEL, proprietary, etc.)
  • Security:
    • Cameras, switches, DVRs, badge readers, contacts, etc. using industry standards.
    • Multiple field integration roles are being considered-here are the typical duties of each:
  • Integration Technician:
    • Assure physical quality of installation based on design.
    • Assess physical installation readiness for commissioning based on design.
    • Basic testing of cables/pinouts, fiber, etc. using tools.
    • Test/re-configure/re-build cables/pinouts (serial, Ethernet, adapters, media converters), test copper cable voltage/continuity, test fiber optic cables (power test / clean), etc.
    • Direct contractor or self-execute minor physical changes based on design.
    • Inside building fiber/copper cabling via existing raceway, install rack- or wall-mount devices, jumper fiber/copper cables to devices / FDPs / patch panels, install/remove device SFPs, punch down low-voltage cables (66/110 blocks, RJ11 for phones, wire-wrap), etc.
  • Power on devices using standard panel breaker and rack fuses. Conduct visual confirmation of successful turn-up.
  • Connect to devices and load base configs from engineering.
  • Conduct basic troubleshooting at the direction of engineering, coordinator, or team lead.
  • Review and update basic/physical level as-built documentation to engineering.Interact with client field staff on scope, progress, and return of removed devices.
  • Integration Representative:
    • Perform basic scope pre-engineering site visits per defined checklists and engineering oversight.
    • Demonstrate ability to carry out all Integration Technician duties.
    • Observe quality of installation based on design.
    • Understand engineering design and detailed application to site.
    • Act as a proxy for engineering questions on site, including RFIs.
    • Observe and report installation, turn-up, commissioning, and close-out progress.
    • Review and update intermediate level as-built documentation to engineering.
    • Interact with client field staff and supervisors on scope, progress, technical aspects.
  • Integration Coordinator:
    • Perform intermediate scope pre-engineering site visits per defined checklists, seeking engineering input as required.
    • Carry out all Integration Technician duties.
    • Advanced testing of cables/pinouts, fiber, feedline, automation points, etc. using tools.
    • In addition to basic testing defined above: test fiber optic cables (characterize), toggle/test automation points at cutouts / test terminals, trace cable (ringtone if cable w/o tone, butt set for cable w/ tone), conduct loopback tests to remote ends, test radio feedline (coax/waveguide), work with engineering on device-based/electronic/application tests, etc.
    • Make changes to and load device configs based on troubleshooting.
    • Conduct advanced troubleshooting in tandem with engineering.
    • Commission site, working with engineer/customers on application verification.
    • Review and update advanced level as-built documentation to engineering.
    • Interact with client field staff and supervisors on access, scope, progress, technical aspects.
  • Integration Engineer:
    • Perform advanced scope pre-engineering site visits per defined checklists, seeking core engineering team input as required.
    • Carry out limited physical installation, testing, and troubleshooting duties, under the oversight of Senior/Associate Integration Technician or Integration Coordinator and project safety plan.
    • Carry out all other Integration Representative and Integration Coordinator duties, with additional theoretical and design knowledge based in a 4-year technical degree.
  • For all roles, the ideal candidate is expected to have a strong work ethic and dedication to successful task and project execution, with the delivery of high-quality work products.
  • The candidate must be able effectively work and communicate with teammates and clients of various levels, technical aptitudes, and backgrounds, clearly identifying and reporting status, risks, and issues to relevant stakeholders.
  • Candidates will be assessed based on years experience and competency in a particular role and classified into a progressive level system:
    • Assistant: Works under direct supervision and actively development by Staff, Senior, and/or Associate.
    • Staff: Independently performs tasks in alignment with role, but recognizes own limitations– general high-level oversight and training by Senior and/or Associate.
    • Senior: Independent performance, specialization, and leadership, validated by other Senior and/or Associate– trains Assistant and Staff.
    • Associate: Team and thought leader and integral in development of projects, processes, and clients. 

Qualifications & Requirements:

  • High school diploma or equivalent required.
  • Associate's degree in information technology/systems, electrical/electronics, field/construction engineering or equivalent combination of experience/training:
  • Preferred for Technician, required for Representative and Coordinator.
  • Bachelor’s degree in electrical/computer engineering or engineering technology, computer science, or equivalent.
  • Required for Engineer.
  • Advanced understanding of electrical and communications systems and industry standards is required.
  • Experience in mission-critical field environments (military, utility, industrial, transportation, etc.)
  • Preferred for Technician, Representative and Engineer, required for Coordinator.
  • Upon selection and before project assignment:
  • Demonstration of role-appropriate site design and scope interpretation, device installation, integration and testing, reporting/communication, and overall coordination competencies must be accomplished via performance observation.
  • Completion of all mandatory safety, operational, and project-specific training is required.
  • Strong written/verbal communication skills, leadership skills, attention to safety, analytical/problem-solving skills, and troubleshooting skills required.
  • 100% travel required for this dynamic field position—mobility and ability to go above and beyond to support project site work is a must.

Type: Temp/Contract

Location: Akron, OH USA