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7 Essential Factors to Consider When Selecting a Staffing Agency for Your Project

Organizations often partner with staffing firms when hiring for their energy, engineering, environmental, construction, or infrastructure projects. When selecting an agency partner, it is crucial to establish a robust and enduring relationship with a reputable firm and account manager who can assist you in identifying highly skilled candidates that align well with both the organization and the specific role. This encompasses not only formal education and experience but also the essential soft skills that contribute to a successful match.

So, what should your organization be looking for as you consider a staffing firm or firms that will be most likely to meet your needs? Here we look at seven attributes that should drive your decision.

1. Expertise and Industry Alignment

It’s important to select an agency that has expertise in the type of projects you’re involved with to ensure alignment and maximum efficiency and expertise. This ensures that the agency will understand your unique requirements, the regulations impacting your company, and have some knowledge of the projects in your field. Most importantly, they will have a strong internal network or pipeline within your industry.

An agency with industry knowledge will be better equipped to find qualified contractors that possess the necessary skills and experience to expedite your projects effectively.

2. Proven Track Record and Solid References

Take the time to thoroughly evaluate the agency’s track record and seek references from past clients. Look for agencies that have a proven history of successfully delivering contractors on projects. Request references and inquire about the agency’s performance, responsiveness, and the overall quality of candidates provided.

3. Timely Project Delivery

Time is of the essence in the critical infrastructure industry, so it’s important to choose an agency known for timely delivery.

Consider the agency’s ability to quickly identify and provide suitable candidates, ensuring that project deadlines are met without unnecessary delays. Ask about their processes for candidate sourcing, screening, and placement to gauge their efficiency.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

Cost matters of course. While quality is critical, value is also a key consideration. Evaluate the agency’s rates and cost structure to ensure that they align with your budget and provide good value for your investment. Compare rates with other agencies in the market to ensure competitiveness.

Also consider agencies that offer flexible pricing models or volume-based rates if your project requires a large number of contractors.

5. Candidate Preparation, Screening, and Interviewing

This is the crux of the process of ensuring that your project is staffed by top candidates with the requisite skills, experience, and background to meet your needs. You want an agency that will conduct a thorough pre-screening of candidates considering factors like work experience, salary expectations, and cultural fit. Pre-screening helps avoid mismatches, ensures a higher quality of candidates, and saves valuable time.

The agency should also prepare candidates for interviews, offering tips and guidance on interview techniques. This preparation ensures that candidates present themselves effectively and that they convey information clearly to best convey the value they can provide.

6. Communication and Account Management

Effective communication is vital for a successful partnership with an agency. Evaluate their account management practices and responsiveness. Ensure that the agency provides a dedicated account manager who serves as a primary point of contact, understands your projects requirements, and communicates promptly. A proactive and responsive account manager can make a significant difference in the recruitment process and overall project coordination.

7. Feedback and Market Insights

Your staffing agency provides more than just administrative assistance in finding, sourcing, and selecting project team members. They’re also your conduit to critical market insights into salary expectations, job market trends, and potential adjustments needed to attract the best candidates possible, while conveying to candidates exactly why your company is the right fit for them.


By considering these top seven attributes of an agency partner, you can make an informed decision when selecting the right agency for your project needs. Summer months mean heightened activity in construction, which brings increased competition for top candidates. Your agency selection will determine how successful your teambuilding efforts are which, of course, drives the success of your projects.  By following these tips, organizations can make informed decisions and forge valuable partnerships with agencies that align with their needs and contribute to project success.

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