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Fraud Alert

Protect yourself from employment scams

The staffing industry has seen an increase in people falsely representing themselves as Recruiters to gather personal information from job seekers.

Candidate safety is a top priority at Planet Forward. For your protection:

  • always double check the email address of the Recruiter to ensure it’s from
  • do not provide sensitive data to anyone you have not spoken with thoroughly
  • never provide banking information, credit card numbers or PINs during the application process
  • know that we will never ask you to pay a fee for applying for jobs, interviewing, networking or accepting a job through us
  • do not invest in a product or service or purchase equipment through Planet
  • never purchase gift cards for, make wire transfers to, or cash checks on Planet’s behalf
  • never accept a job for which you haven’t had prior communication with your Recruiter about

What to do if you suspect fraud

Be vigilant! If you receive an email from someone who claims to be a representative of Planet Forward, and the sender’s email address is not from, it is most likely a scammer. Do not reply or provide these individuals with any personal information.

If you suspect you’ve been approached by a scammer posing as a Planet representative, contact us. We take our candidates’ and consultants' safety very seriously and we are committed to protecting you.