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The Perks of Contract Work

During a job search, candidates often tell us that they are only interested in permanent employment. But what we have found is that they often haven’t considered, or don’t know about, the benefits of contract positions. Many candidates also have misconceptions about what the work entails. So, it may come as a surprise to learn, that these temporary positions often have significant benefits including longevity and high compensation. 

The Perks of Contract Work

Since there are more temporary jobs available than there are permanent positions, there is less competition for substantive work in the contract space. If you have years of industry experience, your skills will be in high demand. What’s more, you are very likely to be compensated at a higher hourly pay rate with contract opportunities.

For recent graduates, your openness to an entry level contract may be the best way to get a foot in the door with brand name companies. It could also lead to a position or a company that you haven’t thought of, as well as work experience that may otherwise have been out of reach. If you’re looking to jumpstart your career, contracting work may be your quickest way to get in with the best companies. 

If you’re concerned that the positions are too short-term, do note that many last for years. Also, it is not uncommon for short contracts to be extended, especially if you excel on the job. You may also find that it’s a good fit for the long run. At Planet, for instance, we employ many people who have successfully made a career out of contract work.

Another major attribute of accepting a temporary position, is that through our relationship with the client company, you’ll gain access to other jobs that are available within that organization. There is a good chance that your single opportunity will transform into multiple roles, or even a permanent placement.

Candidates sometimes believe that contract work is more vulnerable to job loss, but in actuality, the security you have with a contract position is on par with permanent roles. Your position may even be more protected from company layoffs if your position is funded by subsidized project budgets.

Why Work with a Recruiter? 

An effective recruiter will have a deep knowledge their industry, and one of the distinguishing traits of the current job market is that contract work is in high demand. The quirks affecting current hiring practices can be frustrating to navigate. If you’re open to taking a temporary position, the work we do with you will shorten the time you spend looking for the right job, and open doors for your career.

Because the nature of employment is evolving, companies are adjusting their staffing priorities. If you’re working with an experienced staffing provider, they’ll have close relationships with their clients, knowing the ins and outs of how, why, and when they hire. And a major concern for hiring managers right now is that they don’t want to commit resources to making permanent hires for every position. Solid recruiters are constantly networking and touting their candidates’ experience, and their clients consistently look to them to provide them with quality applicants.

The Importance of Open Discussions 

Now that you’re ready to meet to discuss contracting employment, it’s important that you can talk openly about what you’re looking for in a role, and how you feel it fits your experience. A staffing partner will also want to know what pay rate you’re considering, and what locations you’re open to. For some contract candidates, moving to a different city for work is one of the benefits of the job. 

Perhaps even more importantly, it’s essential that you tell your recruiter what you don’t want in a position. When you share information about your real wants and needs, your recruiter is better equipped to find a match for you. It should also be noted that they can figure out workable solutions to any issues that may arise. Speak honestly if you’re hesitant about a contract’s duration, or location, or if you feel the work doesn’t sync with your experience. An experienced recruiter is sensitive to how pay rate, contract length, or location, can impact an entire household too, so we are supportive of candidates who need to check in first with their family, before accepting a role. 

Competent staffing partners are quick to connect clients and candidates when they find people and jobs that are well aligned. If for some reason the options available to you aren’t a good fit, they’ll proactively present your resume, and highlight your skill set, to our other in-house teams, furthering your potential for placement.

At Planet, our team is well known and respected in our industry. We have a strong reputation for bringing the right people to the right clients, resulting in the best and most varied options for contract employment. Should you choose this avenue of employment for either the short or long-term, you will gain additional experience, knowledge, skills, and the opportunity to work in diverse areas of the utility and energy industry.


By Planet Forward