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Top 5 Reasons To Look For A New Role During The Holidays

It’s incredibly tempting to settle into the cozy atmosphere of the holidays – daylight is sparse, people are taking time off, not to mention a running list of holiday and year-end preparations. The reality is this is the perfect time to open yourself to new opportunities. Here’s why keeping your job search going during the holidays can lead to crossing off one of your New Year’s resolutions early in 2023:

1.) Your Competition Is Busy Sipping Eggnog…

Businesses don’t suddenly put hiring on hold because they’ll be closed for a couple days. They hire when they have roles they need to fill. So while your competition is kicking back next to the fire assuming nobody is hiring during the last few weeks of the year, you could be updating your resume and hitting up your recruiter to let them know you’re looking. And there’s nothing stopping you from doing that cozied up next to a very similar fire (hot cocoa optional).

2.) …But They Won’t Be For Long

Putting in the effort now also means you’re part of a much smaller candidate pool. Much like crowds at the gym, there will be a sudden influx of job seekers looking to fulfill their resolutions throughout the month of January. So get a jump on the competition while they settle down to a long winter’s nap.

3.) The World Slows Down (At Least A Little Bit)

Those assumptions that companies couldn’t possibly hire during this time of year aren’t totally unfounded. Out-of-office replies are plentiful, kids are out of school, offices are even quieter than usual. All those reasons your competition may use to hold off on their job search are the very same reasons you can use to amplify yours. This perceived “down time” can really be used to your advantage. Whether you’ve simply got fewer responsibilities over these weeks, or you find a holidays-related excuse to call out for an afternoon, you can use that extra time for updating your resume, interviewing or attending networking activities.

4.) The Budget Can Be Your Secret Santa

Especially at companies with lean operations, “use it or lose it” may apply in relation to departmental budgets. If a department finds itself at the end of the year with a budget surplus, and they’ve been holding off on hiring all year, they may be pressed to bring someone on. And why shouldn’t that someone be you? Submitting for that job could very well be the best Secret Santa you ever participate in.

5.) There’s Just Something In the Air

Despite the long bouts of darkness this time of the year, there’s just something about the festive lights and decorations that can put anyone – including hiring managers – into a joyful holiday spirit. Even if it’s not obvious, subjective factors absolutely play out in hiring processes. And if you’re able to build rapport with them amidst the joyous atmosphere, it can give a dedicated, driven candidate like yourself that added edge.

Photo Credit: Canva