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Why A Recruiter Makes The Best Job Search Co-Pilot

Recruiters are reporting an uptick in job seekers looking to open the next chapter in their careers right now. In fact, according to Monster, 95% of workers say that they are actively looking for, or expect to seek out a new job in 2024. At the same time, 68% think it will be difficult to find a new job in 2024 given the state of the economy. And even in more stable times, the idea of a job search can be a daunting one.

Imagine there was a resource readily available to help you mitigate some of those difficulties with a vast organization and network of relationships backing them. Someone who could shepherd you through the entire process from sifting through job listings, pointing out golden opportunities, and even helping you hone your interview skills and resume.

Imagine no more – the reality is that recruiters are exactly that resource. And if you manage to find a quality recruiter that understands who you are both professionally and personally, landing your next role should be a breeze. Recruiters aren’t just helpful; they’re essential for navigating a messy and often downright frustrating job market. Here are a few reasons why:


1. Opportunities Are Tailored To You

Here are some common complaints candidates have aired about recruiters: “They just flood my inbox with irrelevant job listings.” “They don’t bother getting to know me, they just match some skills from my resume or LinkedIn profile to the skills on the job posting and hope for the best.” “I interviewed and then I never heard from them again until they had another job that was a vague fit for my skillset.These are all huge red flags.

Quality recruiters will spend the time to get to know you beyond a list of skills – what your life and career ambitions are, what you need out of a role, what your work style is and what personality types you mesh well with etc. This allows them to sift through the myriad jobs that are not a true match and come to you only with roles that match your skills, ambitions and personality.

2. Gain Insider Access

Recruiters are your backdoor into companies. They have ongoing relationships with a range of people across organizations and often know about openings that aren’t public yet (if ever).The truth is a great recruiter is a trusted matchmaker. Both hiring managers and job seekers alike turn to recruiters to make their lives easier. Instead of sifting through hundreds if not thousands of resumes online, a hiring manager will work directly with a recruiting partner whose vetting process they trust. Candidates can miss out on some of the best roles by going it alone without a recruiter.

3. Simplified Application Process

Recruiters pre-screen you, ensuring you tick all the boxes for potential employers right from the start so you’re not interviewing on a job that you’re not 100% qualified for. That’s not to say that you’re guaranteed to get every job a recruiter sends you to interview for. Rather, it means you’re optimizing the time you’re spending at interviews instead of going on an endless churn of them. Plus, a recruiter will personally hand over your application to the hiring manager, significantly boosting your chances of getting noticed.

4. Long-term Support

Think of recruiters as career partner, or like having a personal job-seeking assistant working on your behalf. They take on the heavy lifting of job searching so you can focus on nailing the opportunities. And they stick with you, keeping an eye out for roles that could pique your interest down the line.

5. First Dibs on Jobs

When recruiters know what you’re looking for, they’ll think of you first when a fitting role pops up. Even if you’re already working elsewhere, a recruiter can keep you aware of what is out there and help you move on to the next big thing when the time is right.

6. Honest Feedback

Recruiters often get a bad rep because they can’t help every job seeker, but that’s not quite a fair assessment. A good recruiter will let you know the moment a job is off the table, but they won’t leave you hanging. They’re always on the lookout for the next opportunity that might be up your alley. Often, they will mention several other positions they know about so you can keep the job-seeking wheels turning.

7. They Care

Recruiters know that candidates are real people with real feelings. They won’t leave you hanging and will do what it takes to give you the best chance of landing a position.


Finding Your Recruiting Ally

So, how do you snag a great recruiter? Start with a bit of research on staffing agencies, keeping an eye out for those that specialize in your field. Remember, larger agencies often have more recruiters and more access to job openings than local ones. That said, the focus on that critical relationship-building aspect can be less of a priority for some larger agencies, so make sure to really vet your recruiter before sinking a bunch of time in with them. If they suggest jobs that are a bad fit, even after speaking with you, you may want to keep looking.

Not to toot Planet Forward’s horn too loudly, but our combination of that personal touch with a broad, nationwide reach has given us a solid reputation with candidates and client companies alike.

Once you’ve found an agency that seems like a good fit, get in touch. And make yourself visible on professional platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed. Indicate you’re on the hunt for new opportunities—or, if you need to be incognito, adjust your settings to stay on recruiters’ radars anonymously. Recruiters are always looking at these platforms and will often send messages to relevant candidates regardless of current employment status, so don’t ignore your inbox. You can also search for recruiters directly on LinkedIn and send them an InMail with a brief description of yourself and the position you want.

Once they get in touch with you, be sure to vet your recruiter by considering the list above. Are they paying particular attention to everything in addition to your skillset? Do they listen to your particulars? Are they sending you jobs that make sense for you? If so, congrats on making a match! But if you’re not vibing with them, that’s okay too. That said, if you are going to try a different direction, do be respectful of their time and let them know.


Keep Your Recruiter in the Loop

Building a relationship with your recruiter can pay dividends throughout your career. They become familiar with your skills and professional journey, making it easier to spot opportunities that align with your goals. Even if you’re considering a career pivot, a well-connected recruiter can cast a wider net on your behalf.

Remember, with a recruiter in your corner, you’re never in the dark about potential opportunities that match your expertise. Keep the lines of communication open, and who knows? Your dream job might just find its way to you.


Planet Forward has award-winning recruiters ready to go to bat for you in your job search. Reach out today to find your job search co-pilot.


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