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Why Choose Staffing as a Career?

When you were growing up, what were your career aspirations? Did you dream of becoming a doctor, firefighter, video game designer, nurse, chef, or teacher? As you got older and went through university, surely other career paths moved up the list like engineers, accountants, scientists, environmental protection authorities, or software developers. What about a career in staffing – did becoming a recruiter, account manager, or business development manager cross your mind? Probably not…but it should have.

In a constantly evolving and competitive world where our external perceptions are often times leaving us with questions, seldom do individuals come across a career as rewarding and honest as helping their fellow citizen on a day-to-day basis. That is just one of the many benefits you experience when choosing a career in staffing.

Having an impact

When a recruitment agency is hired to solve complicated talent issues within an organization, there is a double resolve taking place often helping a candidate as well as the company. In a growing area or department where there exists a need for mission critical staffing, a recruiter can directly have a powerful impact on an organization.

On the candidate side, a recruiting expert with a thoughtful approach to business, can tap the shoulder of a passive professional like a Manufacturing Engineer who is quietly looking for a change, to see if a new and exciting opportunity is worth their evaluation.

When the hiring company offers a dynamic working environment as well as a bright opportunity, the candidate can then make an educated decision with guidance from their recruiter to determine if pursuing the role is an intelligent move.

The impact here is that two unique needs are being fulfilled. The company and a candidate can now start to form a meaningful relationship.

Being part of a team

It may come as a surprise to many, but recruiting is a team sport. Business development managers and sales directors investigate prospective opportunities and work with clients to identify solutions for their talent needs. Account managers engage with large organizations to ensure their workforce has the employees needed to fill critical roles and projects. Recruiters partner with sales and account managers to find the talent needed for these roles. They also work with job seekers helping them identify career paths and new opportunities before matching them to available openings.

Sales, account managers, and recruiters all work closely together to find the right talent for client needs. For professionals that thrive in a team environment, staffing as a career is often a good fit.

It’s financially rewarding

It may be tacky to talk about compensation, but highly successful staffing professionals are usually at least partly motivated by money. Recruiters live for making matches that endure, but the opportunity to have a lucrative career is also rewarding. Staffing can be a very tough job and takes a resilient personality, but the financial rewards are a definite plus. If a highly paying job is a motivator for you, a career in staffing should be considered.

Exposure to companies all over the world

Further, staffing careers offer an accelerated opportunity to learn about companies and projects all over the world. A global staffing firm works with all sized organizations, from start-ups to mega conglomerates and as a recruiter, you will have the opportunity to work with them all. Also, depending on your specialization, you may work with a wide range of industries. Because you are working as an extension of these organizations, and must understand their industries, the depth of your knowledge on the world of work is exponentially broader. And so too is the size of your network. Both of these traits will serve you well no matter where your career takes you.

When so much of our day is inundated with social media, negative news, politics, and a plethora of information, it is refreshing to find a career where helping other people and continual learning are an everyday occurrence. It is encouraged for individuals considering a career in staffing to reach out and ask questions to current industry professionals to get real world feedback on the rewards of such a meaningful and rewarding career choice.

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